germicidal uvc

Since the second half of the 20th century, one of our US production partners has manufactured more than 50,000 germicidal UV light devices. The client list is extensive, and here are just a few examples of major accounts:

Institutions: Infectious Disease Research Institute

Healthcare: New York State Department of Health, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Burbank Hospital, Children′s Hospital Medical Center of Boston, Methodist Healthcare of San Antonio

Food/Beverage: Safeway Stores, Anheuser-Busch, Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Del Monte, Dr. Pepper/7-Up, General Foods, Gerber Products, Guinness, Heinz, Hershey’s, Kraft, M&M/Mars, Minute Maid, Ralston Purina, Pepperidge Farms

Education: Princeton University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University

Pharma: Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly

US Government: US Army, Air Force and Naval Hospitals, US Veterans Administration Hospitals, US Department of Agriculture, US Food & Drug Administration

Other customers you may recognize: IBM, 3-M, Dupont, Union Carbide, Proctor & Gamble


Please let me preface all following comments by stating that I am familiar with studies conducted at Duke University on using ultraviolet light to reduce infections. (In 2012, a study at Duke University Medical Center showed that UV lights killed 97% of bacteria that were resistant to antibiotics, the so-called superbug bacteria that are the toughest to kill.)

In addition, I recently reviewed a new government study from an RTI/EPA (UVC Report) testing facility that showed that your products are far superior to any other lamps on the market. In the new report, researchers wished to see how long UVC lamps would maintain 254nm at 42 degrees, with 65% outside air humidity. The results indicated that not only do your lamps, which we use at our hospital, outperform and outlast all others, they also maintain a 24-month life span, with a small variance in production, even though they were originally, “conservatively,” rated for only 18-months. Please let me also state that I am not on the payroll of the company, nor do I receive any compensatory handouts, so it is with complete irreverence toward any brand that I offer the following experiences related to our germ warfare.

A recent advertisement from a competitor boasts about how their product performs “before the cooling coil.” However, if you put their “best” unit (which I found to be sub-reliable) behind a coil, where Aspergillus grows rampant, the competitor fixtures will fail, and, as we unfortunately discovered first hand (and paid the price for), the lamps will not even maintain 254nm at 42 degrees, therefore leaving you with your “proverbial pants down.”

In doing my research, as I always do when embarking on such a project as selecting a vendor for UVC fixtures, and following the horrible failures from the competing fixtures we previously used, I have found that your technology is indeed the industry leader, a company that has been engineering lamps for more than 50 years, initially combating TB, a predominant threat in the 1950’s.

More Proof: Every competing fixture I have installed has failed, and most within a few months, except for the mother-baby unit, a super small unit that has a lot of “conditioned” return air that drastically reduces the fixture killing humidity.

How many of your fixtures have failed in the 3-years we’ve used them? Zero! Zilch! Nada! None! We did receive a few cracked bulbs, and broken quartz tubes, due to gorilla manhandling of supplies between Indiana and Texas, but with one phone call all items that were broken were replaced the next day, and I was never asked to return, or show, the broken items. We can’t scare a visit out of the competitors reps in Austin, Texas, which is much closer than Indiana. And do you think the competitor provided any type of warranty on items that were damaged due to moisture? Their direct answer, “Well, they have moisture in them, so you must have mounted them after the coil, in which case we cannot guarantee they won’t get wet or continue to function.”

We used your fixtures that incorporate a quartz tube surrounding the lamp, or “emitter,” and an O-ring on each end of the lamp. When placed inside the quartz tube the lamp is in a surrounded warm air space and, when used in the air handler at low temperatures, actually on a graph begins to climb as the temperature decreases. The result is that the emitters remain consistent, reliable, and most of all, effective at killing germs at 254nm.

I completely understand that many companies create and promote charts, graphs, and whatnot. Well I could create a beautiful chart showing how leather boots kill black mold better than just about anything else. But rather than relying on my chart making skills I chose to rely on the experts at Duke University. It’s a teaching hospital. And it’s been around a few years. I simply did not want to waste any more of our hospital’s money trying units that claim to do this or that. Instead I found out who the industry leader is, and your company is the company who founded this type of UVC technology, and a company that uses American products, made in America, by Americans.

I also found a company who services their products without a hassle. Your company president also sent members of his staff to our hospital and educated us on all the ins and outs of UV products, mold, aspergillus, nm counts, what it takes to kill germs and under what conditions, and all of this at no cost to us. We did not have to issue one single P.O. to have experts come measure units, take pictures, and manufacture to our specifications the lamps we need for our facility. And it wasn’t just one visit and goodbye, but service like this occurs whenever we have questions.

Would we ever use a competing company for anything? Yes. We use their monitor to report to our Computrols systems irradiance levels of our bulbs and lifespan. This is something we are just now beginning to watch through the computer, but we’ve been using their monitors on all of our equipment and I have nothing bad to say about them.

Conclusion: Side by side testing in reliability shows, hands down, that other companies have nothing I know of that comes close to the newest of your UVC products. (Hospital – San Antonio, TX)

My company specializes in performing janitorial/environmental infection control services for the medical community, and we have been receiving many requests for cleaning and sanitizing privacy curtains in post-op rooms. In addition to vapor steaming, we also apply UVC lighting to further reduce pathogen levels. I was looking to upgrade the UVC light we were using to a more professional looking unit that would compliment the high-tech equipment we already use. I’m so thankful I chose your fixture. (Healthcare cleaning company – Albany, NY)

We have installed three custom units for our air handlers and have two more ready to install. I will be releasing an order for the next ten shortly. All went well on install as the units were built by very capable hands. (HVAC company, Chicago, IL)

Advantages beyond germicidal disinfection:

The lights are awesome. And I am most impressed with your service – the goods were here when you said they would be; the quartz sleeves arrived as replacements when you said they would; and the fixtures work better than you said they would. I have installed some in a very nasty sewage room where we have a wet HVAC system that we clean weekly so that it works properly. This room historically had the most horrible smell one could imagine. I installed your lights, and within 2 days the smell was gone. Your company is literally transforming our living space into a safer, more enjoyable place to work, and for that, I thank you. Your company has transformed our nastiest working environments into areas we can feel a little more comfortable in doing the nastiest jobs, and for that, we ALL thank you for your help in keeping us safe.