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Businesses across America and around the world are focused on reopening safely. Doctors offices ranging from dermatology to family practice seek disinfected air, and dental care facilities have some of the most acute needs. Administrators of K-12 Schools and Universities have concerns as well about reopening. Hotels and restaurants ranging from quick serve to fine dining can disinfect the air to protect their staff and customers, using a combination of technologies.

Bipolar Ionization Disinfection

One of the great advantages of bipolar ionization is its dual ability to clean the air and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save energy to reduce HVAC operating costs.

bipolar ionization

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

For facilities with central air conditioning, the following types of technology are applicable separately or in combination depending on the facility’s HVAC system and the acuity of the disinfection needs: HVAC In DuctCoil & Pan, and In Room devices. In Room devices are typically for areas that need the fastest air disinfection or for facilities that do not have air handling units or ducts that are conducive to the other technology. In some cases the installation cost of the In Duct or Coil & Pan systems are also a deciding factor.

These devices are produced through our strategic relationship with a seasoned US manufacturer, that has multiple decades of proven production and implementation results from these devices. For healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, commercial, and industrial properties, we recommend one or a combination of these three UVC technologies:

#1: Germicidal UVC Light in HVAC Ducts

#2: Germicidal UVC Light at Coils and Pans

#3: Germicidal UVC Light with Wall Mounting

Germicidal UV Light
Example of single PV-AUV-DC Series 4 lamp device for ducts that are approximately the same height as their width (in this case 3′ wide x 3′ high)

Example of tandem PV-AUV-DC Series 4 lamp devices for ducts or plenums that are wider than their height (in this case 6′ wide x 1.6′ high)

HVAC DUCT DISINFECTION with Germicidal UV Light: For HVAC Duct pass-by air disinfection, the multi-module arrays increase the density of UVC light in critical runs of ducts for commercial or industrial applications. Following an easy installation process, reduction rates of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other contaminants can be over 99 percent, depending on the microbe, with most applications to date documenting well over 90 percent. The currently available standard size technology is sized at 16”, 24”, 33”, and 45”, and we offer the assemblies in either two (2) or four (4) module configurations. The housing for the lamp ballasts is 20.13″ tall x 6.13″ wide x 3.56″ deep, and it is mounted on the outside of the duct. This allows for ease of installation and easy access to replace lamps. For disinfection, the longer the straight run of a trunk duct the better. As an example, for 10’ length ducts, we recommend placing the assembly at the center point, so that the UV light irradiates pathogens 5’ to either side creating a 10’ “Purge Zone”. Each module is cylindrical at just 5/8” diameter to keep static pressure loss on air flow to a minimum. This solution is also appropriate at plenums to simultaneously clean the coils and the air. The recommended ideal distance from the coils is 18″ to clean the coil and the air.

germicidal uv light

COIL & PAN DISINFECTION with Germicidal UV Light: The coil is the heat exchange (heating) or (cooling) coil of the HVAC system, the heating and cooling of the coil creates condensation, which collects in the drain or drip pan. The coil and drain pan treatment works by directly irradiating the surfaces of the coil and drain pan with UVC light. Due to blow off that can occur from dirty coils, it is incredibly important to use a moisture proof fixture in the retrofit. These ready to install framed structures can be easily mounted on coils, to provide the desired air stream and on-coil disinfection to protect personnel from unwanted bacteria, mold, viruses or fungi travelling in the air stream. These devices can be mounted easily to plenum walls, or to frame assemblies that span supply ducts and/or cooling coils. Five different standard widths include 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60.”  Frames can be mounted side by side or stacked vertically to cover the entire plenum or coil.

germicidal UV light

WALL MOUNT DISINFECTION with Germicidal UV Light The Wall Mount in-room devices can acutely treat vulnerable or high traffic rooms, such as healthcare waiting rooms, and they are also well suited for K-12 and university classrooms. For this solution, the self-contained and louvered “shoe box” device is mounted on the wall approximately 7’ from the floor. The natural conductive flow of air in the room circulates the sanitized air, from the existing HVAC system as well as the opening and closing of doors and human movement. The UVC devices come in three sizes that are increasingly larger relative to the respective coverage area. For each coverage area, the dimensions are listed here by Width x Height x Depth. Please note that multiple devices can be used in rooms or areas larger than 300 sq ft. 300 sq ft coverage (37.5” x 5.2” x 6.6”); 200 sq ft (27.7” x 5.2” x 6.6”); 100 sq ft (10.8” x 9.2” x 9.1”). Plus, corner devices are also available.


If you are considering a germicidal UV light system with duct and/or coil applications vs the in-room wall mounted devices, it is most beneficial to combine the HVAC Duct with the Coil & Pan devices, for maximum disinfection. This approach provides intensive ultraviolet treatment with the added advantage of maintaining the performance of the coil and drain pan system for added longevity.  The HVAC Duct devices can easily go anywhere in the ducts, while the Coil & Pan treatments typically need more planning for retrofits based on certain space confinements. Since the Wall Mount in-room devices can acutely treat vulnerable or high traffic rooms, such as healthcare waiting rooms, at quicker rates, consider a “Triple-Purge-Virus” approach. All of the solutions have similar overall results reducing airborne contaminants by over 99 percent, depending on the microbes.

KEY SPECIFICATION and PRICINhttps://purgevirus.com/specifications/G INFORMATION

Specialty Specifications that are in addition to the ones on the link above and here:

Coil & Pan Disinfection CK Series: Specification Sheet

In Duct Device with Commercial or Residential Applications: Specification Sheet

Pricing for MADE in USA Devices: Volume Pricing

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar Ionization – PTAC and Ductless Systems – Up to 3,200 CFM | 8 tons: Specification Sheet

Bipolar Ionization – Ducted Systems – Up to 4,800 CFM | 12 tons: Specification Sheet (Note: For systems over 12 tons, multiples of these devices are often more cost effective than the MODULAR system, up to certain sizes)

Bipolar Ionization MODULAR – Ducted Systems – Over 4,800 CFM | Over 12 tons: Specification Sheet

germicidal UV light

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germicidal UV light

Since the second half of the 20th century, one of our US production partners has manufactured more than 50,000 germicidal UV light devices. Sample Testimonials and RTI/EPA Report. Customers are consistently satisfied with the American Made technology, and more testimonials like this one are available upon request,


The client list is extensive, and here are just a few examples of major accounts:

Institutions: Infectious Disease Research Institute

Healthcare: New York State Department of Health, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Burbank Hospital, Children′s Hospital Medical Center of Boston, Methodist Healthcare of San Antonio

Food/Beverage: Safeway Stores, Anheuser-Busch, Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Del Monte, Dr. Pepper/7-Up, General Foods, Gerber Products, Guinness, Heinz, Hershey’s, Kraft, M&M/Mars, Minute Maid, Ralston Purina, Pepperidge Farms

Education: Princeton University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University

Pharma: Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly

US Government: US Army, Air Force and Naval Hospitals, US Veterans Administration Hospitals, US Department of Agriculture, US Food & Drug Administration

Other customers you may recognize: IBM, 3-M, Dupont, Union Carbide, Proctor & Gamble

COVID-19 Disinfectant


One of our strategic partners provides advanced DISINFECTION at Filters and Coils, as well as Air Handlers, Fan Coils, Ceiling Units and Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACS). Their COVID-19 Disinfection Protocol includes technicians that treat filters with a powerful disinfectant that provides a thin film, ensuring that any microbes that are captured in the filters are actually killed. The same process is applied to the coils with a complete enzyme treatment in order to remove biofilm formations, followed with a thick Chlorine Dioxide foam injected into the coils that ensures disinfection. The patented process delivers near-perfect surface area coverage of any type of heat transfer coil. This protocol also saves energy and there is no disruption to the system or the building’s occupants. 

NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY: Light-emitting Diode (LED) technology is currently significantly more expensive than other options that are available today. LEDs also have less efficacy per watt when it comes to the disinfection. Some companies are actively undertaking the Research and Development (R&D) to develop innovations in Germicidal UV Light with LEDs. Research into COVID-19 LED Phototherapy also presents exciting opportunities to mitigating the health impacts of viruses.

Bipolar Ionization: Click Here