Purge Virus is pleased to announce that it is launching a Summer 2021 Promotion. The promotion includes FREE TRIALS of advanced disinfection technology for 100 businesses to see for themselves the value of proven and portable devices. As vaccines are increasingly deployed and mask mandates are lifted, many businesses seek clean indoor air to prevent the resurgence of COVID-19, its variants, and future pathogens. Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) also helps increase staff productivity as well as attracting and retaining customers for companies ranging from restaurants to retailers.

The Summer 2021 Promotion

Highlights: This “try before you buy” promotion is specifically designed to help increase indoor safety for businesses and let their customers know that the business is proactively taking steps to reduce health risks for overall wellness.

Disinfection Technology:

The advanced “plug -in” disinfection device for this promotion has five fan speeds (covering 500 to 3,000 square feet), and the NASA-based technology is proven to rapidly reduce 99.9% of the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus from an FDA-Compliant Military Lab Test. It has also been proven to reduce many common airborne and surface contaminants beyond viruses including bacteria, mold, fungi, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke, allergens, and odors. The device includes ionization and ultraviolet light, as well as HEPA and Activated Carbon filtration. Click here to review the device, and click here for a video on the underlying technology.

Scope: This summer, Purge Virus intends to provide 100 of the disinfection devices that have a retail price of $1,499, for a total $150,000 promotion. Up to 50 of the devices will go to companies and organizations on the growing Purge Virus sales pipeline with up to 50 other business that request to participate.

Request to Participate: Please see the promotion here: https://purgevirus.com/summer-2021-promotion or contact Tom.Cleary@PurgeVirus.com. In your email, please let Mr. Cleary know the address and website for your business so that we can review and approve shipping for one of the $1,499 disinfection devices. This promotion is for facilities with operations in the contiguous United States. Purge Virus reserves the right to select the qualified recipients based on geography and business type to provide diversity across the program.

Return Policy: This free trial is for 90 days, from the date of shipping, and recipients are requested to return the device if they prefer not to keep and pay for the advanced technology.

Signage: In addition to the device, each recipient will also receive an optional “Clean Air!” static cling sticker that is for glass storefronts, along with a customized business logo printable PDF for table or countertop display. See examples: https://purgevirus.com/clean-air/

Profiles: Each recipient will receive an optional online profile on the Purge Virus website, with a link to the recipient’s website and up to 250 words of support information about the business, provided by the recipient and reviewed by Purge Virus prior to posting.

Vik Grover, FOMO CORP. CEO, stated: “This promotion is a great way for business owners and managers to see what Purge Virus can do to help them improve indoor air quality. When we saw what AMC Theaters was doing with free popcorn to attract customers to the movies, we were inspired to do something similar. As the U.S. is coming out of COVID-19, we see the overall sustainability and clean-technology market coming back to life, and our holdings are well positioned to deliver on proven cost-effective solutions for safe and efficient buildings.”

CONTACT: Tom.Cleary@PurgeVirus.com