Reducing the spread of COVID-19 includes PTAC UVC Disinfection to clean the air in rooms that do not use HVAC systems with ducts. PTAC Units (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) are a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system commonly found in:

Hotels – Motels – Senior Housing Facilities – Hospitals – Condominiums – Apartment Buildings – Add-on Rooms & Sunrooms.


PTAC UVC disinfection

As vaccines are deployed and mask mandates are lifted, facility operators continue to seek improved indoor air quality (IAQ) beyond COVID-19 and its variants. The virus may become endemic, like Influenza, so improved IAQ is most likely going to become part of the “new normal”.

Our Purge Virus team is pleased to provide multiple solutions that include UV light, Photoplasma, and Bipolar Ionization. Our PTAC UVC Disinfection solutions are ideal for certain applications, and we work with each customer to align the most appropriate disinfection technology to their HVAC equipment.

PTAC UVC Disinfection

This PTAC UVC Disinfection series of ultraviolet lamp (253.7nm) and ballast kits are designed for installing in small air conditioning units (such as PTACs) for cooling coil irradiation purposes. Components provided with each kit include (1) UVC High Out-put Lamp, (1) Electronic Ballast, (2) stainless steel lamp mounting clips, & (1) extended power cord to run from the ballast to the UVC lamp.

UVC Lamp length options: 16”, 22”, 34”, 46”, 58” with standard or shatterproof options for each size. The shortest one produces 128 µW/cm2 of irradiation and the longest one produces 620 µW/cm2 Electronic ballasts are available as 120, 230, or 277 VAC 50/60 Hz.

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We welcome the opportunity to share with you $0 upfront cost solutions. With our Indoor Air Quality – IAQ as a Service program, Purge Virus follows the CDC guidelines, and we start with ventilation as the “low hanging fruit”. On a case-by-case basis, we then layer on added COVID-19 preventions through air disinfection.

Ventilation and Disinfection are complicated when it comes to aligning the right technology and correctly integrating advanced filtration, air quality meters, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and economizers with Building Management Systems (BMS). A surprisingly small percentage of HVAC service providers have the depth of engineering and expertise to improve IAQ effectively and affordably. Purge Virus is pleased to work with leading HVAC companies that have multiple decades of experience.

NEWS: May 7, 2021: CDC website now emphasizes coronavirus spreads in the air: Source Article. CDC INFO