Reducing the spread of COVID-19 includes PTAC Disinfection to clean the air in rooms that do not use HVAC systems with ducts. PTAC Units (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) are a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system commonly found in:

Hotels – Motels – Senior Housing Facilities – Hospitals – Condominiums – Apartment Buildings – Add-on Rooms & Sunrooms.


PTAC disinfection

Business owners and homeowners face increasing challenges with COVID-19 to adequately disinfect rooms and promote safety.

Our Purge Virus team is pleased to provide multiple solutions that include UV light, Photoplasma, and Bipolar Ionization. Click here: PTAC UVC Disinfection to learn more about our UV light options. Our Bipolar Ionization solutions are an alternative option, because in addition to helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the PTAC Disinfection also remove odors from sources such as tobacco and cannabis.


Save Energy and Increase Equipment Life: For customers that engage us for the combined device and installation, we provide Preventive Maintenance. Regular PTAC maintenance can maximize energy savings and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. The keys to proper Preventive Maintenance (PM) include checking the:

Air Filter

Vent Screen

Front Grille


Base Pan and Condenser Coil, and

Clearance Check on the air intake and discharge.



For us to help match the available technology to your in-room HVAC systems, please let us know the manufacturer’s name and model # of your PTAC Units. From there we will provide you with a free assessment of the most applicable solution for PTAC Disinfection. The average cost of equipment and installation per room is coming in at $550-$650. We also offer zero upfront cost financing over 3-5 years. The monthly cost can be as low as $10 per month per room. 


If you would like to share this information with the appropriate person at your facility, see this One Page Overview file for PTAC Disinfection.

PTAC disinfection for Hotels, Motel rooms, and nursing homes

Biopolar Ionization for PTAC Disinfection Video showing the 18″ device deliverable (1 min 14 sec video)

Bipolar Ionization PTAC Disinfection Installation Video showing the process (14 minutes), and it includes the shorter video from above as well.

Learn more about Bipolar Ionization here: Bipolar Ionization

For some business owners and homeowners, portable devices may make the most sense for small lobbies or in certain rooms vs PTAC Disinfection. Learn more about Potable Disinfection Devices here: Portable Devices

We are here to help you navigate the complexity of disinfection choices: CONTACT US

Sample In-room signage:

PTAC disinfection clean air signage

For PTAC Disinfection, this is an example of how we can also help you communicate your COVID-19 PTAC Disinfection protocol to Hotel/Motel guests, Senior Livings residents, or Healthcare patients.

This sample table top signage says the following, which you could customize accordingly, “For this room, we are pleased to let you know that we have taken the initiative to retrofitted the wall mounted PTAC Units (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner / Heater) with advanced bipolar ionization technology that cleans the air to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

You are not obligated to reference Purge Virus. However, adding support text with the website is one way to help inform people about the technology. This sample signage includes, “POWERED by Purge Virus: To learn more about the disinfection in this room see:”