PPE wholesale

PPE In-stock and also en route is key for many volume buyers that do not want to send funds overseas and wait for ocean or air shipping. Purge Virus is fortunate to have consortium members that focus on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with experience, factory-direct pricing, and multiple US warehouses to service end users as well as distribution and reseller customers.

ORDERING: With ongoing demand for PPE, please Contact Us, given that pricing and availability is dynamic based on current volume and weekly incoming inventory. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) are variable subject to the type of PPE.

Featured PPE with LOWER PRICES available for certain volume orders.

PPE nitrile glove
PPE gowns
KN95 medical mask
IR Forehead Thermometer

Please let us know if you have specific PPE needs, and we will respond accordingly with direct contacts and/or availability.

PPE: Respiratory and Skin Protection Products


PPE: HAND and EYE Protection