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PPE In-stock and also en route is key for many volume buyers that do not want to send funds overseas and wait for ocean or air shipping. Purge Virus is fortunate to have a consortium member that focuses specifically on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with experience, factory-direct pricing, and multiple US warehouses to service end users as well as distribution and reseller customers.

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The leadership team at PPE Source International, LLC (PPESI) has multiple decades of experience with dozens of trips to meet with manufacturers around the world. PPESI’s President, John Kelly, has specifically forged trusted relationships with US and overseas manufacturers, and his team manages the increasingly complex logistics of shipping and customs. PPESI also has excellent domestic US manufacturing relationships and a proven record of due diligence for equipment certifications to ensure top quality and product performance. In addition to sourcing from US manufacturers and warehousing PPE in the US, the team has over a decade of experience working with suppliers in Malaysia, Vietnam, and other parts of Southeast Asia to secure the lowest possible factory-direct prices. PPE Source International, LLC focuses on quality and certification for PPE In-stock at the right price.

Contact: Sales@PPEsourceInternational.com

1-833-PPE-WORKS (1-833-773-9675)

ORDERING: With the increasing demand for PPE, please Contact Us, given that pricing and availability is dynamic based on current volume and weekly incoming inventory. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) typically start at 2,000 pieces, and PPESI accepts wire transfers as an option to reduce the 4% burden of credit card transactions. When emailing for ORDER QUOTES, please include the SHIP TO address in addition to the desired product type, volume, and target delivery time. If you seek PPE that is not included here, just let us know, because it may be en route or PPESI can source it for you and coordinate the importation logistics.

For availability updates and shipping estimates, please Contact Us

Featured PPE with LOWER PRICES available for certain volume orders.

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The importation of KN95 Masks has caused concerns over quality, and the FDA now manages a short list of PPE manufacturing companies that have met compliance standards to ship to the US. Purge Virus lists Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is already in the US, having complied with the rigorous CDC and FDA import requirements of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and third party TESTING, CONFORMITY, COMPLIANCE, and REGISTRATION. Our Purge Virus supply partners undertake the due diligence to ensure that manufacturers have met the authorization requirements by the Chinese and US Governments including Business Licenses of the Manufacturer, Medical Device Licenses, Manufacturer’s Test Reports, Medical Device Registration Certificates, FDA and CE Qualification Certifications required for foreign customs clearance, Certificates of Conformity, Product Batch / Numbers, Product Photographs, and Packaging Photographs. Compliance plus PPE In-stock is a key advantage for volume buyers. We also provide guidance on the use of PPE per FDA standards such the correct way to measure temperatures with IR Forehead Thermometers.

Please let us know if you have specific PPE needs, and we will respond accordingly with direct contacts and/or availability.

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The buyers to date have ranged from the healthcare market to resellers who service the PPE needs of their accounts. This inventory list is dynamic and is updated regularly. We cannot guarantee that at any time on any day these volumes will be available. Updated: 11/27/2020

For high volume PPE in demand such as Surgical Gloves and Nitrile Gloves, contact us given the dynamic pricing changes: 1-833-PPE-WORKS (1-833-773-9675) or Sales@PPEsourceInternational.com

PPE: Respiratory and Skin Protection Products


PPE: HAND and EYE Protection


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More Gloves and Hand Sanitizer

We also have warehouse partners in California with PPE In-stock for millions of pairs of vinyl & Nitrile 3.6-4.4 mil gloves available as well.

Please note that we have the source bottler that is producing U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) Grade Gel Sanitizer in:

8 fl oz pump bottles

12 fl oz pump bottles

16 fl oz pump bottles

Production Capacity: 250,000 bottles / day

Contact Us for the pricing that is dynamically changing based on volume orders and the increasing market demand: Sales@PPEsourceInternational.com

1-833-PPE-WORKS (1-833-773-9675)