The COVID-19 vaccines are forthcoming. Purge Virus understands the complexity of vaccination and that about half of Americans may not take a vaccine due to safety and other concerns. We do not endorse any vaccine, but we do provide “tools” to consumers and business owners to let them choose what is most appropriate for them. As a “One-Stop-Shop” for disinfection, Purge Virus has proactively designed lapel pins and buttons as well as providing Vaccine News and Masks and Apparel. The intention is to give people around the world an opportunity to let their friends, neighbors, colleagues, or customers know that they have been vaccinated. Some business owners in markets such as healthcare, retail, and hospitality may feel that customer comfort increases if they know that the staff has been vaccinated.

Vaccine for (4) COVID-19 around the world

This V4C-19 design is an abbreviation for: Vaccine for (4) COVID-19. The design is intentionally on the round abstraction of planet earth to convey that purging COVID-19 is a global initiative.


“V” Star Vaccinated Victory over COVID-19 in America

For America, Purge Virus created this “V” Star design (below) to use initially as an icon for the Vaccination Locator to help Americans quickly and easily find locations near them for vaccination. The “V” Star design is now also available for lapel pins and buttons. Both the “V” Star and the V4C-19 graphics are available for Masks and Apparel as well as other products.

vaccine lapel pin

“V” Star Pin and Button Design: The U.S. government has funded billions of dollars to fast-track COVID-19 vaccination. In a bi-partisan effort to purge the pandemic, many elected officials may see value in having as many Americans vaccinated as possible. The notes below may be more information than necessary, but they at least provide insight into the creative process by our CEO, Charlie Szoradi, who developed the design.

Letter: “V” is for Vaccine, and it is also for Victory over the pandemic.

Shape: The red circle represents COVID-19 and it is also surrounded by the white ring to represent the red and white stripes on the American Flag. The “drop” behind the Star represents the vaccine(s) that are administered through liquid shots.

Alignment: The top edges of the Star align with the top edges of the “V” to represent the ALIGNMENT of vaccines on a path to victory over COVID-19.


The 1 Inch Diameter Metal Lapel Pins will be available for shipping on December 21, 2020. To reserve one or more, please Contact Us