Purge Virus is please to offer masks and apparel that incorporate the the “V” Star vaccinated graphic and the V4C-19, vaccinated for (4) COVID-19 graphic in addition the Purge Virus Shield.

V pin and V4C-19

For the cloth masks, you can choose the background color as well as the graphic size.


“V” Star Mask – Purge Virus Shield Mask – V4C-19 Mask

With the upcoming winter 2020 deployment of the first wave of vaccines, Purge Virus’, CEO, Charlie Szoradi, designed the “V” Star and the V4C-19 graphics. In 2016, Mr. Szoradi launched the online portal where the masks, apparel, and other products are currently available for sale. He built out the On Demand Print Shop portal initially to give readers of his book, Learn from Looking, the ability to purchase drawings from the book. The portal has robust features for on-demand printing, and the revenues from all the Purge Virus Collection products go to Purge Virus.


Within the Purge Virus Collection you can select the graphic and then click to review the different products and choose the background color and graphic size. Here are just a few examples of T-shirts, and you can select the STYLE down arrow to see different choices, click the < PREV | NEXT > to see the same product with different graphics, or scroll down to see additional products.


Separately from the masks and apparel, Purge Virus provides lapel pins and buttons, available for shipping on December 21, 2020. To reserve on or more please Contact Us.