MACTEL Business Trust brings you the very best in expertise and service with integrity. Our goal is to bring you the products you need in a timely efficient process so you can rest assured you are sourcing quality products for your companies and clients.

MACTEL Business Trust, based in North America and is focused on unlocking solutions to protect the health and safety of all citizens and our local and global economies through the development, deployment, and scaling of digital and physical technologies and products.

MACTEL is leading the deployment of solutions to some of the issues created by, or brought to our attention by, COVID-19. We are committed to the sovereignty of identity, personal and public safety and privacy of individuals whilst delivering the most advanced and practical solutions for all levels of government, hospitals, medical facilities, public and private corporations.

MACTEL is developing a number of solutions to support the purchase of PPE. We are working with a number of companies to deal with logistics companies along product suppliers and shippers.

The following are the procedures we follow along with the information that we will need from each customer: ·Buyer submits requested Mactel Application along with a Purchase order with Proof of funds (Bank Reference Letter) ·Mactel reviews buyer submitted information and approves to proceed. ·Mactel will have an affiliate contact Buyer’s bank officer to verify funds are available to be blocked ·Mactel will have a Pro Forma Invoice issued to buyer upon acceptance and blocking of funds (one month) and an SPA will be sent. ·Mactel will have our partner factories instruct to prepare products for shipment via Pro Forma Invoice. ·SGS inspection is done. ·First shipment is sent and BOL/Airway and SGS are given. ·Payment is released (either by the block or wire) per required export documents and inspection reports per Pro Forma Invoice.

PRESS RELEASE highlight: September 30, 2020

MACTEL Business Trust approves Purge Virus, LLC and PPE Source International, LLC as Qualified PPE Sales Partners (QPSPs)

“The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) marketplace has become increasingly complicated, and our Mactel Business Trust team is pleased to approve Purge Virus, LLC and their strategic partner PPE Source International, LLC as Qualified PPE Sales Partners (QPSPs) for Mactel Business Trust. We applaud your proven ability to source quality products as well as attract, engage, and convert qualified buyers in the overall effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and future viruses that may emerge,” said Jeff Reed, Trustee, MACTEL Business Trust