IR Forehead Thermometer

Across the US, as many states and businesses reopen, having this IR Forehead Thermometer at hand is a key means to help prevent the spread and resurgence of COVID-19. By checking the temperature of customers, as well as family members, you have an added tool to help keep us as safe as possible. The thermometers will naturally not solve the problem alone, and social distancing, hand washing, and masks will most likely be part of the preventive landscape for some time.

IR Thermometer for forehead temperature

Many of these type of thermometers are sold online and cost between $45 and $90. Not all IR Forehead Thermometers are created equal, and this particular device stands above the rest when it comes to engineering design performance. As well, the factory-direct volume pricing provides volume buyers, distributors, and resellers with a significant cost advantage.

Certification – This product is FDA Certified

Faster Testing – This IR Forehead Thermometer is for adults as well as children. It provides readings in just 1 SECOND, which is faster than many conventional thermometers. This PPE device has a superior microchip which is highly sensitive, delivering accuracy and rapid NO CONTACT scans of people as well as objects and rooms.

Higher Accurate Reading – Get the benefit of the IR Forehead Thermometer accuracy at your workplace, clinic, or home, with confidence, given the thoroughly tested and reliable technology. Its shape and lightweight engineering reflects its first-class design and functionality.

Amazing Versatility – The IR Forehead Thermometer also enables you to measure room or bottle temperatures instantly with the press of a mode button. It is an excellent choice for business owners and managers as well as parents.

Easy to Use – For home use, the IR Forehead Thermometer is Baby, Toddler and Child-friendly with a quiet mode that lets you scan with the push of a button to take instant readings of infants and children without a beeping noise that may wake them. Celsius and Fahrenheit are easily and instantly switchable with an intuitive button. Note: Batteries are Not Included: Two (2) AAA batteries are required.

Easy to Read – The temperature is displayed on screen of this IR Forehead Thermometer with clinically proven accuracy you can rely on. The back lit LED display shows you the temperature, and it is also easily readable in the dark. 

Proper use of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers (NCIT): See FDA page

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