IAQ Assessment

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is key for health safety and productivity. Our IAQ Assessment is provided through the Covid-19 (C-19) Technology (TECH) REPORT.

This is the best way to review and assess the most appropriate disinfection options for your facility, in advance of making a purchase. Purge Virus credits 100% of the C-19 TECH REPORT to any future orders shipped for the facility that was reviewed in the report.

This IAQ Assessment offering is available for any residential, commercial, or industrial, property of any size anywhere in the world.

IAQ Assessment Process for the C-19 TECH REPORT
1: We schedule a video conference call.

2: We provide you with a list of questions about your existing HVAC system, such as the Air Handling Units (AHU) tons, Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), plenum size, trunk duct size, Rooftop Units (RTUs), PTACs, Mini Split Systems, or Ceiling Cassettes. If you cannot easily get the information, we are available to “guide” you via smart phone video walk-throughs.

3: We provide you with a list of questions about the different types of activities in your facility and the approximate sq ft of different areas. This helps us understand which areas have more acute needs for disinfection than other areas.

4: We take the information (from 1-3), and we prepare the C-19 TECH REPORT that identifies the most appropriate ultraviolet, bipolar ionization, or combinations of technology for your facility. Our analytics include the disinfection “dosage,” 3rd party testing, and specification sheets to support the report. As an example, disinfection with ultraviolet light in HVAC ducts includes dosage calculations that are based on irradiation time, intensity, and distance. We divide the CFM by the plenum cross section area to get the air velocity. The velocity and the length of the plenum along the supply side of the air flow define the “Purge Zone”. Sizing the technology correctly is key for both ultraviolet light and bipolar ionization.

Our reports include cost comparisons with installation estimates and pros and cons of each with maintenance factors included. Certain disinfection technologies also have the added benefits of energy savings, and our reports include that information as well. Our HVAC installation partner has decades of experience with a network of providers to ensure top quality at cost-effective rates: PVBJ (http://pvbjinc.com/)

First Step:

Let us know a good day and time schedule a call/video conference: Contact Us