Purge Virus Documentary

Our Purge Virus team is pleased to share with you a sneak preview of the episodic media content that is part of the ongoing process to produce the documentary film about the technologies that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) during and beyond the pandemic.

In addition to the videos below you can see more on our Purge Virus YouTube Channel, which has 20 videos and growing.


We are also pleased to share the 32 minute Podcast episode that is an interview with Elk’s Pride Pictures, Executive Producer, Matthew Dunehoo and Charlie Szoradi, CEO, Purge Virus. Here is the Podcast link: https://purgevirus.com/wp-content/Purge-Virus-Podcast-Episode-1-2020.01.24.mp3

Episodic Media Titles and Links:

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.4: Proactivity for Customers – 2021.02.12 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/txZWlYN9JNQ (3.5 minutes). To learn more about the “Clean Air!” signage and see: https://purgevirus.com/clean-air/

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.3: Tabletop Disinfection – 2021.02.10 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/eGV8y-zuwe8 (5.5 minutes). To learn more about the Tabletop Disinfection and see the devices click here: https://purgevirus.com/tabletop-disinfection/

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.2: Portable (mobile) Disinfection – 2021.01.29 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/DtxwmH9XX7U (4 minutes). To learn more about Mobile Disinfection and see the devices click here: https://purgevirus.com/mobile-disinfection/

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.1: PTAC Disinfection – 2021.01.24 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/ilJ0INjCluc (5 minutes). To learn more about PTAC Disinfection and see the devices click here: https://purgevirus.com/ptac-disinfection/

Short Sub-Set videos (1 minutes each)

The following sub-sets (_.1), (_.2), (_.3) are each less than 1 minute, and they are edited from the longer video above, for posting on social media.

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.1.1: PTAC Disinfection – 2021.01.24 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/E2QseOE7s2A

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.1.2: Bipolar Ionization – 2021.01.24 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/lmbXeZKWF5g

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.1.3: PTAC Disinfection Installation – 2021.01.24 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/WS58diayFbo

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.2.1: Portable (mobile) Disinfection – 2021.01.29 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/-5lkGdkh4Ys

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.1.2: Portable (mobile) Disinfection – 2021.01.29 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/tEe5FEBnHdA

Purge Virus – Episodic Media Ep.1.3: Portable (mobile) Disinfection – 2021.01.29 Direct: Link: https://youtu.be/_ralNUkeTRs

Media/Film Background Press Release:


Berwyn, PA, January 19, 2021 – Purge Virus, LLC (https://purgevirus.com/) a wholly owned subsidiary of FOMO CORP. (US OTC: ETFM), announces that it has signed a Joint Venture with Elk’s Pride Pictures (https://www.elkspridepictures.com/) to fast-track the creation of episodic/documentary film content promoting the next-generation in indoor air quality technology. All content will reside on a forthcoming proprietary website and be disseminated across social media and streaming platforms. As the episodic content is produced and shared, production will run concurrently on the documentary project, aggregating the most relevant topical elements into a cohesive narrative. The goal of the joint venture is building awareness, grass roots to mainstream, around the available technologies that can immediately help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and create healthier buildings in which to live, work and breathe, beyond the current pandemic. The final documentary film will be distributed online in full and submitted to relevant documentary film festivals.

Matthew Dunehoo, Executive Producer at Elk’s Pride Pictures, LLC said: “My interest in PV began as a financial investment.  But after researching Charlie’s history with sustainability and gaining a new appreciation for the role that germicidal air and surface disinfection can and should play in renewing our economy and facilitating our essential return to shared indoor spaces, I proposed this episodic media and documentary film joint venture. Our team feels that there is a very compelling story worth sharing here, around the science and sociological impact of disinfection technology to help us transcend the current health crisis while proactively aiding in the prevention of future outbreaks. We hope to illuminate the immediate opportunities to upgrade the standards for indoor air quality, potentially alleviating the unnecessary suffering and multi-billion-dollar annual healthcare costs incurred from a number of respiratory illnesses generated by outdated air circulation/disinfection methods currently used in our residential and commercial spaces.  By launching this project, we’re seeking to empower an audience that is best reached through clear and candid storytelling via episodic film and video content.”

“Momentum towards increasing the safety and health standards of buildings and shared spaces takes knowledge of the right technology shared over the right medium of communications.” said Charlie Szoradi, CEO, Purge Virus, LLC.  “We increasingly live in a soundbite world of video content; many people prefer to watch rather than read. Matthew and his production team have the experience and vision to communicate the story of the potential in the available technology, thus aiding in increasing awareness and adoption. In addition, this Joint Venture is especially timely given the recent COVID Relief Bill, approved by Congress and signed by President Trump, which will provide critical resources to improve indoor air quality: https://www.masslive.com/coronavirus/2020/12/covid-relief-deal-includes-billions-for-schools-to-improve-ventilation-address-learning-loss-during-the-pandemic.html”. With the Biden Administration’s commitment to reducing the spread of COVID-19, additional funding may be forthcoming to improve indoor air quality.”

For more information on FOMO see: https://www.fomoworldwide.com/