We help you navigate the complexity of the disinfectant and PPE marketplace.

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Purge Virus LLC is your “One-Stop-Shop” for proven and cost effective germicidal disinfection of air and surfaces across the commercial and residential landscape. We also provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to further help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and future viruses. In short, we focus on creating safe, healthy, and also energy efficient “smart” properties. We have developed a consortium of industry professionals, manufacturers, and installers, so that we can recommend and provide the most appropriate disinfection solutions for a diverse range of facilities in the US and around the world. We also offer $0 upfront cost options and turn-key projects that include rebate administration for the growing number of incentives launched following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Given the complexity related to safe and effective disinfection for indoor air, Purge Virus was initially born out of the need to help Hospitals navigate their options for Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI). We began in 2017, before Covid-19, and expanded dramatically in early 2020 to include support for hospitality, retail, commercial, and industrial properties, many of which increasingly seek disinfection solutions.

Our strength is in the rigorous research that we undertake, the due diligence on manufacturers, and the growing network of strategic advisors and channel partners that have expertise in certain practice areas.

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We help businesses and homeowners navigate the complexity of disinfection technology, and then we present proposals with multiple options. For implementation we either:

A) Provide the equipment

B) Provide the equipment and guidance for owners’ mechanical contractors, or

C) Provide full-service projects from assessment through to installation.

We have a growing roster of distribution Sales Channel partners. Here are two examples of companies that are actively engaged in helping to mitigate the spread and resurgence of COVID-19 and future viruses:

The Energy Intelligence Center and Independence LED Lighting are on the forefront of multiple different applications of germicidal ultraviolet technology for HVAC duct systems, coils & pans, in addition to in room, ceiling, and floor systems for acute disinfection.

BACKGROUND & LEADERSHIP: In early 2020, the CEO of Purge Virus, Charlie Szoradi, saw the dire impending impact of COVID-19, and he spearheaded the Purge Virus initiative. Mr. Szoradi is the 2020 Chairman of the American LED Alliance and has served three consecutive elected terms on the Board of the Sustainable Business Network. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and he earned his Master’s of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, where he wrote his thesis on Eco-Humanism in 1993. Mr. Szoradi is also a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional and the author of Learn from Looking – How Observation Inspires Innovation. His speaking engagements at over 100 conferences and sustainability events have generated a vast network of engineers, mechanical contractors, and HVAC professionals, which has served as the springboard for the Purge Virus consortium of industry experts.

BEYOND BUILDING DISINFECTION: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is certainly a key spoke on the wheel of solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Charlie Szoradi has worked on past projects with John Kelly, the President of PPE Source International, LLC. Mr. Kelly and his team are seasoned importers, and they focus on factory-direct logistics, quality and certification at the right price. In addition to sourcing from US manufacturers and warehousing PPE in the US, the team has over a decade of experience working with suppliers in Malaysia, Vietnam, and other parts of Southeast Asia to secure the lowest possible factory-direct prices on PPE. See the PPE page and for US warehouse inventory updates contact: Sales@PPEsourceInternational.com

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